Villa Beheer Curaçao

Your reliable property manager of your luxurious villa or holiday home on Curaçao

Villa Beheer Curaçao

Specialist in property management and maintenance of your luxury villa or home on Curaçao

Property Management

When you own a holiday villa or house on Curacao, it is highly advisable, or even a necessity to have a property manager. All the more when you are absent for long periods of time. You want your property to remain in perfect condition, whether the property is rented out or not. We are ready to take care of your luxurious villa so that you can leave it with a restful heart.

Maintenance Villa

Not only the tropical climate and heavy rainfall, but also pests can be huge problem if not inspected regularly. Furthermore, you want your second home to be neat and tidy for yourself or your guests. Not only your house, but also the swimming pool, the garden, the sewerage and various other important facilities need to be checked and maintained regularly.

Priority Service

Plumbing problems, the air- conditioning broken down or any other problem that needs to be addressed immediately. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your guests, third parties and you yourself. We are also available for your guests to guide them in the use of your property and help them with day to day questions and problems about the property or their stay on the island.

Car Rental

You own a car on Curacao that you would like to make available to your tenants that are staying at your villa. You can rent out your car, you will help your guests and at the same time earn some money back. A nice win-win situation. So, if you have a car available at your property, please let us know if you want to make it available for your tenants.